Meet Suzie

Our proud owner and lead designer, Suzie Sharratt, has always had a fascination with anything that sparkles and shines for as long as she can remember. 

Suzie started the company after forming the idea of creating unique, hand decorated Brazilian flip flops using all of the things she loved in life. 

Now, in our latest product line Boojee Metallics Suzie’s flare for dazzling style strikes again with BooJee Flops – comfortable Brazillioon flip-flops adorned with divine crystals.

Originally from Australia, our owner Suzie now lives in the Los Angeles area of California. Nothing gives her greater joy than using color, texture, and magnificence to create stunning works of art that can be incorporated into the home and wardrobe.


Prior to moving to Los Angeles Suzie was an entertainer and costume designer for Television and live stage productions.

Suzie draws inspiration from all of the wonderful friends and family that surround her, but the most inspiring is her mother, a dressmaker by trade, who made her own wedding dress in the 1950’s out of venetian lace and tulle then encrusted it with crystals. Being surrounded by crystals, lace, pearls, vintage pieces, and bejeweled fabrics is one of Suzie’s greatest pleasures.

Incorporating such exquisite materials into her BooJee Flops allows Suzie to pass along a piece of beauty to every customer, sharing the feeling of awe and wonder for all to see and experience.